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There is a certain transformative power in taking a variety of contradictory images and objects and restructuring them in a way that gives them a whole new meaning. Through my artwork I seek to evoke certain symbolic memories or feelings of visiting an alternative reality. To express the distinct nature of this mysterious inner world, I like to use a combination of textures, colors, and objects that are layered together to create a narrative. Each piece is meant to represent a type of artifact that has a story of its own while still being connected to a larger whole. While this world is largely of my own imagination, it represents familiar themes of nature, culture and intrapersonal relationships collected and juxtaposed together.

Walks on the beach and finding the strange bits and pieces that wash up on shore inspire me greatly. The beach, much like my work, is constantly reshaping and reforming itself. The patterns of movement I find outdoors I try to bring into my own works of art to reflect the thoughts or problems I am dwelling on. It is important to me that even though I am conveying a viewpoint from my own perception, that it is relatable on some scale to others. I hope that they can see themselves in my work as well as enjoy these little personal dramas I put on display. I believe that my art, while connecting on an emotional level, should entertain, reflect some self-awareness, worldliness and include bit of ironic humor.

テ「廝irdsテ「 Group Show テつキ Q-Hut Gallery テつキ Portland, OR テつキ May 2001

テ「彜how of Masks,テ「 Solo Show テつキ Hi-iH Gallery テつキ Portland, OR テつキ April 2002

ArtWalk テつキ San Diego, CA テつキ April 2003

テ「廢lements,テ「 Group Show テつキ Artist Colony テつキ Encinitas, CA テつキ May 2003

テ「廴ask Showテ「 テつキ 8 Limbs Yoga Center テつキ First Thursday Art Walk
Seattle WA テつキ December 2005

Arcana Masquerade Ball, IOSIS Art Party テつキ Capitol Hill Arts Center
Seattle, WA テつキ New Yearテ「冱 2007

Rotating Art Gallery テつキ City of Shelton Civic Arts Center テつキ Shelton, WA
October to December 2008

テ「廣ssemblage Worksテ「 Show テつキ 108 Occidental Gallery テつキ Seattle, WA
December 2008

テ「彜hadowbox Showテ「敕つキ Mad Hat Tea Company テつキ Tacoma, WA テつキ March 2010

Pat Dews テつキ Hobe Sound, FLテつキ テ「彜kullテ「 テつキ 2002 テつキ テ「彜how of Masksテ「

Mark and Angelina Woolley テつキ Portland, OR テつキ テ「弋ree Snakes"
2002 テつキ テ「彜how of Masksテ「

Tom Cramer テつキ Portland, ORテつキ テ「廚hameleon Womanテ「 テつキ 2002 テつキ Private sale

Carl Ole Toft テつキ Herning, Denmark テつキ テ「弖ultureテ「敕つキ 2003 テつキ Private sale

John Rossテつキ San Diego, CA テつキ テ「廝ird of Paradiseテ「 テつキ 2003 テつキ Private sale
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Mail:  ktmasksinc@yahoo.com

Interned, collage

August 24, 2010+br441+br551+br1

Foot Fairy, collage

August 24, 2010+br420+br572+br2

Hang Ups, collage

August 24, 2010+br432+br631+br3

Moth Messages, light box

August 24, 2010+br850+br622+br4

Moon Woman, light box

August 24, 2010+br504+br586+br5

Transformation, light box

August 24, 2010+br647+br548+br6

Wild West, shadow box

August 24, 2010+br480+br584+br7

One Dance, shadow box

August 24, 2010+br488+br590+br8

This Ship Has Sailed, shadow box

August 24, 2010+br495+br597+br9

Altar, cast resin and driftwood

August 24, 2010+br850+br438+br10

Vulture, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ

August 24, 2010+br432+br568+br11

Tree snakes, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ and paper clay

August 24, 2010+br504+br464+br12

Widow, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ and paper clay

August 24, 2010+br432+br514+br13

Sacred Owl, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ and paper clay

August 24, 2010+br504+br512+br14

Man Ray, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ and paper clay

August 24, 2010+br504+br509+br15

Tortuga Woman, paper-mテδ「chテδゥ

August 24, 2010+br850+br533+br16

Agean, clay

August 24, 2010+br424+br565+br17

Polywog God, clay

August 24, 2010+br432+br576+br18

Underwater Volcan God, clay

August 24, 2010+br432+br566+br19

Nuclear Sun Prince, clay

August 24, 2010+br432+br576+br20

Antler and cones, clay

August 24, 2010+br576+br384+br21

Seated Relic, raku fired

August 24, 2010+br443+br576+br22

Spirit House, clay

August 24, 2010+br432+br648+br23

Chortye, bronze

August 24, 2010+br366+br556+br24

Stone Bird, clay

August 24, 2010+br850+br480+br25

Water Horses, acrylic

August 24, 2010+br576+br422+br26

Phoenix, oil

August 24, 2010+br648+br471+br27

Black Rain, Desert Horses, oil

August 25, 2010+br504+br532+br28

Night Trees, ink and watercolor

August 25, 2010+br432+br486+br29

Manetee, watercolor

August 25, 2010+br360+br545+br30

Seated Female Nude, pastel

August 25, 2010+br390+br510+br31

Seated Female Nude II, conte crayon

August 25, 2010+br432+br585+br32

Curled Nude, charcoal

August 25, 2010+br576+br403+br33

Seated Nude Male, charcoal

August 25, 2010+br432+br448+br34

Faces in the Water I

August 24, 2010+br432+br605+br35

Faces in the Water II

August 24, 2010+br432+br645+br36

Faces in the Water III

August 24, 2010+br850+br569+br37

Faces in the Water IV

August 24, 2010+br850+br569+br38

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